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Single Spaces

Below are the available bed spaces for the community you've chosen. First find your "Gender", then your preferred "Building". For most Learning Communities, only one hall will be available. For shared rooms, you'll see our halls with both fixed and movable furniture. For suite-style halls and apartments, you'll see Murray, Talkington and Carpenter/Wells.

The next column shows the actual number of "Available Spaces" for your gender in a particular hall. As long as the number is 1 or more, click the "Begin Signup Process" button below to begin selection of that available space.

Sometimes a community you have chosen will not have any "Available Spaces" at all, or there may not be a space in your preferred hall. If that's the case, click the "Back to Availability Report" button below to select another community to view.

For Roommates

If you are looking to select a room with a particular roommate in mind, you'll need to look at the "Max Same Room" column. This column indicates the maximum number of non-reserved spaces in the same room in a particular hall. For example, in a shared room hall (fixed and movable furniture), there are two residents in the room. If the "Max Same Room" number for a shared room hall is 2, then there is a room in that hall with 2 spaces available. For suite-style halls or apartments, the "Max Same Room" in a suite or apartment can be up to 4. So use this number to work with your intended roommate to sign up for the same room and hall.

But please remember, our system allows you to select your space in a particular room and hall. It does not allow you to select a particular roommate. You will need to coordinate with your intended roommate to individually select the same room in the same hall.

Gender Building Available Spaces Max Same Room Available Single Spaces Available Double Spaces Available Triple Spaces Available Quad Spaces
Female Murray Hall 1 1
Male Murray Hall 0 0

Last Updated: July 16, 2019, 11:22 pm